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Using the most cutting-edge camera gear today is the modern cinematographers best bet at producing great shots and consistently upgrading their skills. The problem is the cost of keeping up with such a fast-paced industries like digital cinema and broadcasters technological advancements is challenging to say the least, a shooter can find his $60,000 camera often on eBay 3 years later for $30,000, hopefully in that time the owner has gotten his investment dollars back and more!

There’s also the fact that pro shooters, or even a novice trying to break into the industry may need different types of camera and camera equipment to build a arsenal to please his ever changing clients heart’s desire, but of course, losing thousands on the latest cameras that keep hitting the market is far from an option for even the most successful of industry professionals.

And this is precisely where a good camera rental house comes in. It’s a service that rents cameras and camera equipment to pretty much everyone, which turns out to be way more affordable for users than buying them.

However, there are a few important factors you should keep in mind when choosing the right camera rental house. Let us walk you through them below.


It’s important to vet a camera rental house before deciding to use their services. What do their past customers have to say about them? Did they send outdated or very old models of the products their past customers rented? Does their equipment not always work as it should?

Getting the answers to these questions may help you prevent having a disappointing experience.

Range of Equipment

If you’re someone that needs more than just a couple products, it’s important to check out the range of products they offer. You would ideally want them to offer every type of camera equipment, and also have most of the latest cameras, so that you can have everything what you need under one roof.

The availability of different models is a key, too, as most shooters would prefer a brand i.e. Arri, Red or Sony, over the others.

Rental Length

There must be enough flexibility with respect to the rental length. Some of the rental houses allow you to rent all types of cameras and equipment with deep discounts for longer duration shoots, which can obviously help you save quite a bit of money as compared to someone with a minimum rental length of a week.


The most obvious factor is the cost. After all, the reason most users go with a camera rental service in the first place is that they can’t afford to buy them.

However, while focusing on the affordability, don’t overlook the quality of the products and the service. Don’t go for the kind of cheap options that will usually end up in less that desirable results

Camera Ready is the leading camera rental house in Los Angeles. Professional Video Camera rentals in Los Angeles and Nationwide.  We can provide all your 4k and 2k camera rental needs.

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4k & 2k camera rental – Los Angeles & Nationwide camerareadyrentalsla.com

Professional Video Equipment Rental

Camera Ready Rentals LA has wide selection of professional 4K and 2K cameras and accessories.


Los Angeles location ph. (818) 907-7770

We rent everything you need for digital filmaking. We have a wide Selection of the best cameras at the lowest rates.

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