Monitor Rentals

Regardless of whether you’re a wedding professional or someone working as a professional in film production, the monitor is something that can make or break the quality of work you can produce. Unfortunately, however, buying the latest or best monitors on the market can cost a fortune.

You probably know this, which is the reason you’re currently on our website. At Camera Ready, you will be able to choose from many different types of monitors from HD monitors to 4K and HDR (Hi Dynamic Range) monitors to capture great scenes or set up a perfect video village.

This type of accessibility can come in handy for all types of videography professionals AC’s, Video Assist, Directors, clients and producers and being able to choose from a wide range of monitors, you also get access to the latest technology they come with, all without spending a huge amount of money up front.

Types of Devices

As we just mentioned, there’s no shortage of the type of monitors you can rent from us. Ranging from optical viewfinders to field monitors to multimedia projectors to recording monitors, there’s nothing that you need that we can’t offer… Well Almost…
Camera Ready has offerings from Sony, Panasonic, Small HD and more.

Amazing Flexibility

Our Team at Camera Ready commits to as much flexibility as possible to our customers as possible. We know the needs of professionals can differ quite a bit from one another, and we want to serve them without letting them compromise on their choices in any way.

Besides the variety of choices, we allow our customers to reserve the gear they want well in advance (depending on the availability at that time). Similarly, we are also very flexible with the rental time period; it can be as short as just a week to several months, allowing professionals to be in complete control of the rental costs. The longer you rent from Camera Ready the lower you’ll pay!

Some of the other benefits of renting monitors or all types of camera equipment from us for that matter include:

  • Ability to request a custom service based on your needs
  • Very convenient returns, as all you need to do is put the product back in the same box we delivered it in, and send it back to us
  • Getting the expert help you need to choose the right monitor, or a great or the closest alternative if the one you want is out of your budget
  • Finally, depending on your exact needs and budget, we can recommend you the best options you have based on our experience

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