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Camera Ready makes your live events come to life!
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A Unique blend of Camera op’s & directors with hundreds of projects of experience with a client list from ranging from NASA to corporate and cutting edge concerts and talk shows.
Camera Ready uses the latest hi-end cameras and gear to deliver content solutions and live experiences across a host of broadcast, digital and social streaming platforms, Camera Ready even manages real-time audience engagement, impact voting and more Camera Ready will be there every step of the way to make your live event shooting a total success!  

Chyron LEX 3.1 Title/Graphics GeneratorMonitor Roll Around Stand
Newtek Tricaster 460Panasonic AK-HC3800 Studio/Field Camera with 7″ Viewfinder, CCU and ROP
Newtek 3Play 425 Instant Replay/Slow Motion 6-Ch.Panasonic AK-HC3800 Handheld Camera 2″ Viewfinder, CCU and ROP
Aja Ki Pro RackFujinon XA8.5X20BERM 20X Zoom Lenses with 2X Extender
Aja Ki Pro Stor – 500GBPanasonic AW-RP-50 Camera Controller
Clear-com Tempest 900Mhz Wireless Intercom with 5 Belt PacksPanasonic AW-RP120 PTZ Camera Controller
TV Pro Gear Sound PackagePanasonic AJ-PX270 Camcorders with 20X Zoom Lens with Optical Stabilization
Arri D2 Softbank Kit (650, 300, 150 plus softbox)500′ SMPTE/Lemo Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera Cables on Reels
Fillex LED Lighting P360 KitMulti length HD-SDI Video Cable
Matthews Survivor Grip Kit (c-stands, flags, scrims, bags)Multi length Audio Cable
Libec Swift Jib 50 with Remo30 Robotic HeadLibec MS-01 Remote Zoom/Focus Controls
Digital Rapids H.264 Variable Bit Rate Internet EncoderManfrotto Hi-Hat
Panasonic 42″ Plasma DisplayMiller Arrow 25 Fluid Head with Carbon Fiber 3-Stage Legs
Samsung 55″ DisplayLibec 8′ Straight Dolly Track
Lighting Truss 20′ by 20′ by 10′ highLibec 8′ Curved Dolly Track
Panasonic AW-HE 130 Robotic CameralPrompter People IPAD/Tablet Teleprompter
Libec 750 Pedestal with Crab Dolly WheelsNewtek Talkshow
Telemprompter 15inchRoss Xpression Grapics/Title Generator
Volamp Camlinx Fiber Camera Back and Base StationRoss BlackStorm Dual Channel Video Server
Ross 64X64 HD-SDI Video RouterRoss 64X64 Analog Audio Router
Ross Carbonite 2 M/E Switcher with 20 InputsTVPG h.264 MPEG4 Variable Bit Rate Intenet Encoder
Clearcom Tempest 900Mhz Wireless Belt Packs with Spare BatteryClearcom RS-701 Wired Belt Packs with Headsets
Clearcom IFB System with Wired Receivers and EarpiecesClearcom IFB System with Wireless Receivers and Earpieces
Clearcom AB120 Sports Annoucers Consoles with Sennheiser Announcer HeadsetPanasonic 42″ Plasma Display on Premire Roll-Around Stand (HDMI & SDI Inputs)
Panasonic 55″ 1080p LED Video Monitor (for multiviewer)Asus VS248H-P 24″ LED Monitor
BenQ 27″ LED MonitorBlack Magic Mini Converter SDI to HDMI
Black Magic Mini Converter HDMI to SDIBlack Magic Mini Converter Component to SDI
Black Magic Mini Converter SDI to ComponentBlack Magic Mini Converter SDI Distribution Amplifier
Black Magic Teranex ExpressWhirlwind Split-6 XLR Balance Audio Splitter
AJA FS2 Dual Channel Up/Down/Cross Converter and Frame SynchronizerTelos Hx2 Digital Hybrid 2-Line Telephone Interface
Behringer X32 40-Input Digital Audio Mixer with Lexicon EffectsSennheiser SKM-100-845G3A Handheld Wireless Microphone – Super Cardiod
Sennheiser SKM 100-835G3A Handheld Wireless Microphone – DynamicSennheiser MD46 Cardioid Interview Hand Held Microphone
Sennheiser MD42 Reporter’s Omni-Directional Hand Held MicSennheiser ew 512-ENG G3 Wireless Transmitter, Receiver, Lav Mic
Sennheiser HD280 Professional Stereo Headphone SetGenelec 8010c Near Field Audio Monitor/Speakers
Genelec 8020B Near Field Audio Monitor/SpeakersArri Softbank 4 Light Kit (1X650, 2X300, 1X150 Tungstung plus Softbox, 4 Stands, Barndoors, Scrims, Gel Holder
Fiilex 301 3-Light P360 LED Kit with Stands, Bardoors, Diffuser & StandsFiilex Q500 Fresnel Light with Barn Doors and Stand
Brightline Series 1 Two Tube Flourescent Lights with Barndoors and EggcrateBrightline Series 1 Four Tube Flourescent Lights with Barndoors and Eggcrate



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