Typically the average productivity of a professional video camera is apx 4-5 years, on the other hand lens are usually something that can be relevant for decades, some even go up in value dramatically like vintage Kowa anamorphics, Zeiss super speeds, Canon K35 prime sets and a host of other vintage camera lens, the reason is the new digital cameras are so clean and precise they have a tendency to have uniformity were as darkened, scratched, aged glass has personality that gives a shooter a warmer less digital look. different projects have different requirements and meeting them is often a matter of going for a different, specific types of lens.

But as many of the advanced, high-quality lens can cost quite a coin, simply buying a different lens for each different type of project is far from an ideal solution. However, if you have found us, you need not worry about that.

We offer a wide range of camera lens for rental at highly affordable rates, so you only pay for the time you really need to use it. You can then conveniently return it to us, and rent another different lens for the next project you work on.

Affordable Rates

Our highly affordable rates set us apart from most other lens rental companies out there. We understand that renting different types of lens on a regular basis can still be a costly affair, so we try to make it as affordable for you as possible without compromising on the quality of our products.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Often times, you need to understand more about a particular type of lens to make sure it’s exactly what you should be using for the project you’re working on. Similarly, you may be confused about a couple or few different options, and may need some technical help to make the right decision.

And this is why the customer service can make or break your camera equipment rental experience. However, we at Camera Ready are true professionals in the field of photography equipment and are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the different types of camera equipment on the market.

We can help you figure out exactly what type of lens you need, and avoid going with the wrong product and wasting money. We would also always be at your assistance whenever you need any help with any other aspect of our service or the products we offer.

Wide Range of Lens

We have a huge variety of lens you can choose from, so that you would usually never have to settle for anything less-than-perfect. However, even in the rare case we don’t have the lens you want, we can make great alternative suggestions that are just as good as what you’re looking for, if not better.

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