Why the Arri Mini LF Will Probably be the New Gold Standard Camera for Cinema Production Worldwide

Camera Ready is excited to announce the newest member of our camera inventory, Alexa Mini LF rental cameras! After much hemming and hawing about which new cameras to purchase after NAB 2019 Camera Ready located in North Hollywood CA. has decided to purchase an inventory of Arri’s new Alexa Mini LF full frame cinema cameras for our rental dept. It was a hard decision to make but after seeing the massive amount of commitment from lens manufactures such as Leica, Zeiss Supremes new additions, Canons new Sumire line up of new artsy lens, and a host of other manufactures, well… it seems the writing is on the wall, many rental houses are still on the fence about full frame camera tech but not Camera Ready, too many people are madly in love with the wide range of possibilities full frame cinematography has to offer, once people wrap there heads around the workflow our guess is it will capture at least 40% of the market. Currently the only other contenders in this stratosphere of camera are the Red Monstro and the Sony Venice.

The Arri LF that was released last year has already been used on several hi-end film projects like “Come Away”, “Dead Don’t Die”, “Lyrebird”, Terminator:” Dark Fate” to mention only a few features and TV series like “Catherine the Great”, “Doom Patrol”, “Love Craft County”, “Weird City”, etc. etc.

Camera Ready camera rental house in North Hollywood has made a commitment to support this new camera as well as help educate shooters how to really make this camera sing like no other. Full Frame is here to stay! Welcome to tomorrow.

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